Anyehara De Los Santos

Medicare Sales Representative

Bronx, New York

Anyehara De Los Santos is an experienced Benefits Consultant and Medicare Sales Representative in the Bronx, New York. Born and raised in a community-focused environment, she developed an early appreciation for the importance of healthcare and its impact on individuals and families.

Sharon Fellner

Anyehara completed her secondary education at Liceo Manuel De Jesus Ciprian Valdez in 2003, laying the foundation for her future endeavors. Her academic journey provided her with the essential skills and knowledge that would prove invaluable professionally.

Anyehara embarked on her career in the healthcare insurance industry, specializing in Medicaid and Medicare services. She began her professional journey at WellCare Health Plans, where she served as a Medicare Benefits Consultant for an impressive 12 years. During her tenure, she honed her skills in sales, customer satisfaction, and long-term care.

Anyehara leveraged her strong community relationships and company tools to generate referrals, consistently exceeding corporate enrollment goals while maintaining an impeccable reputation for compliance with CMS and Wellcare regulations. Her adept prospecting skills converted leads into appointments with exceptional efficiency, and her meticulous attention to detail ensured the accuracy and quality of all electronic applications.

Following her successful stint at WellCare, Anyehara transitioned to EmblemHealth, where she made significant contributions as a Medicare Sales Representative for two years. Her diverse experience in the industry equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare landscape and the needs of her clients.

Most recently, Anyehara brought her experience as a Medicare Sales Representative to VNS Health in New York, NY. In this role, she continued to demonstrate her commitment to providing valuable healthcare solutions to the community she served.

Anyehara De Los Santos is recognized for her proficiency in sales strategies, Medicaid and Medicare services, customer satisfaction, and long-term care solutions. Her ability to navigate the complex regulatory landscape while ensuring the highest service standards has been a career hallmark.

As a Medicare Sales Representative, Anyehara continues to contribute to the well-being of her community by connecting individuals with essential healthcare services.